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Vipin Yadav

Cloud & DevOps Engineer

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Hi, I'm Vipin. A Cloud & DevOps/Full Stack Engineer from Ayodhya, India. I love to explore and learn new things and i'm very passionate about learning cloud and machine learning. I've huge passion and curiosity on Python programming and it's Co-domains. I am also pretty concerned on web development and an ardent on Django. Wanna see some of my projects? Just scroll down 👇

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Think Infinite | An blogging website

Think Infinite | An blog website for development and testing purpose.

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Work Experience

Engineer - Cloud & DevOps Presidio Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (July, 2023 - )

• Implemented an Azure Landing Zone at an enterprise scale using Terraform, included multiple management groups and subscriptions in accordance with Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework.
• Created and managed multiple Azure Virtual Networks with peering, vWan, VPN gateway, and Network Security Groups (NSG), ensuring secure communication between resources and on-premises infrastructure.
• Set up continuous integration and deployment pipelines for infrastructure and application deployment using Jenkins and Azure-DevOps pipelines.

Associate Cloud Engineer Presidio Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (July, 2022 - June, 2023)

• Configured AWS SSO using Azure Active Directory and implemented permission sets based on AAD groups.
• Configured and maintained multiple VPCs with public and private subnets, NAT gateways, VPNs, security groups, and Network ACLs to ensure secure communication between resources.
• Contributed to standard Terraform Modules for AWS/Azure resources, implementing best practices and enabling configuration as per specific requirements.
• Designed, deployed, and managed highly available and fault-tolerant infrastructure using Amazon EC2, ELB, Auto Scaling, Route 53, and CloudFormation

DevOps Intern Presidio Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (October, 2021 - June, 2022)

• Designed and implemented AWS cloud infrastructure using services like EC2, S3, RDS, and Lambda.
• Developed a CLI application and slack bot using python to get the flight details between two airports.
• Developed Linux shell script which automates the process of installation and deployment of LAMP stack.
• Deployed AWS resources using Terraform and deployed two-tier applications with Load Balancer, EC2 and AWS RDS.

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